Spray Tanning

by Luxe Lounge

Automated Spray Tanning by Luxe Lounge in Historic Downtown Baraboo WI

The Days of being uncomfortable in front of a stranger for a spray tan are gone! Welcome the Versa Spa, an automated state of the art self tanning experience.

Do you have a tan emergency? Not a problem with our clear bronzing treatment! Go to that event in style, yes in your favorite dress, looking like you just walked off the beach. A glow that will last for up to 7 days with proper care. You can even select where you want to bronze, whole body, only legs or only face! 

What to expect

Prior to your spray tan appointment you will be shown a chart that will allow us to help  you customize your tan based on your skin tone. Our tanning solutions are violet based to avoid those orange tones that no one wants. 

Once you step into the Versa Spa, it will warm up to make sure you are comfortable during your spray tan. Each tan starts with a moisturizing treatment that will soften the skin and help with the bonding process of your tan treatment. The whole tanning process takes about 10 minutes and only takes about 12 hours to reach your maximum color. 

Maximize Your Spray Tan Experience

*Shower just before you come in for your appointment. Makes sure not to apply any lotions or oils to your skin. This will affect how the solution bonds with your skin and could result in uneven or blotchy spots, including your face.

*No deodorant! Make sure you are fully dry before applying. 

*Wear loose fitting clothes including socks and shoes. Any tight fitting clothes may rub too aggressively against the skin causing the treatment to come off on to your clothes. It should come out in the wash but it’s better to be a little cautious. 

*Hair should be pulled back away from the face and off of the neck. This will help avoid any of the treatment from not adhering to your skin.

*We Highly recommend the Extended Tan Lotion available in our retail section for the best tan experience results. 

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